101ways to buy online

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For all it customer no 1 Computer app

1. Ecommerce: sell your product on pentagonshopping.com website buy product for yours  or your very own website

2. Affiliate Marketing: sign up free with networks like Commission Junction, LinkShare and Shareasale

3. Graphic Design: learn the basics and charge for service

4. Writing: charge webmasters for your content (use Elance or oDesk)

5.  ask friends or site visitors to donate to your account

6. Blogging: monetize by putting up ads that are relevant to your content

7. Create a Membership Site: charge for your content or services

8. Email List Marketing: sell your product to the contacts you buy

9. Create AdSense Sites: any website can bring in nominal ad revenue

10.  Sell Domains: buy domains that will accrue value over time, sell at a premium later

11.  Self-publish a Book: sell it on Amazon or to an eReader publisher

12.  Create a Recurring Podcast: put it for sale on iTunes

13.  YouTube: become a partner

14.  SEO: use your personal or professional experience to charge for consulting

15.  Online Consulting: start a company and recruit clients

16.  Create a Web Tool: like a plugin or WordPress theme

17.  Crafting: sell your homemade goods online at sites like Etsy

18.  Photography: sell stock photos online at istockphoto.com

19.  Journalism: write for a respected news magazine or paper online

20.  Fiverr.com: sell any service for $5

21.  Transcription: transcribe audio files for cash

22.  Create a Viral Video: promote it on TubeMogul.com

23.  Tutoring: teach others another language or skill online for a cost

24.  Build Niche Websites: sell them on Sitepoint Marketplace

25.  Promotion: help build local business online for a fee

26.  Software Installation: offer help online for a small price

27.  Interviewing: know any interesting professionals? Conduct interviews and sell them

28.  Get Creative: create and sell Twitter and MySpace backgrounds and ebook covers

29.  Are You Musical?: record a song then sell downloads online

30.  Use o Mechanical Turk: Get paid for doing HITs – Human Intelligence Tasks

31.  Life Coaching: it’s a great service to sell online

32.  Virtual Assistant: web workers need people to do their grunt work

33.  Be a Reviewer: sites will pay for reviews with cash or goods

34.  Build a Twitter Network: then sell your tweets to marketers

35.  Mystery Shopping: sign up, review, and get paid online

36.  Craigslist: great place to offer a service for a fee (think driving, painting, etc.)

37.  Logo Design: create some logos and sell them at places like digitalpoint forums

38.  Surveys: online survey houses pay in gift cards and cash for your time and input

39.  Get Design Savvy: sell your talent to t-shirt and promotional companies

40.  Good at Games?: build up a MMORPG account and sell or trade it

41.  Reward Programs: you can earn cash by shopping like usual

42.  Love Social Networking?: sell your expertise to small companies

43.  Directory Sites: set up a local business directory online

44.  Photo Editing: get good at Photoshop and sell your editing services to brides and photographers

45.  Forums: charge to host or moderate online forums

46.  Focus Groups: researchers are always looking for participants and usually pay

47.  Become an Expert: be the best in some online field then charge for appearances or instructional lessons

48.  Data Entry: work from the keyboard at home and earn cash

49.  Develop Software: if you find it useful, someone else will, too (and they’ll pay!)

50.  Translate: if you speak another language, translate documents online

51.  Become a Tester: review things like games, websites and software

52.  Blog Commenting: be a paid contributor

53.  PLR Articles: write Private Label Rights articles and resell them

54.  Be a Promoter: sell your social networking abilities for a fee

55.  Jury Duty: become an online juror

56.  Create Videos: offer to create videos for weddings, retirements and corporate functions

57.  Take Good Lecture Notes: then sell them online to fellow students

58.  Be an Editor: sell proofreading or editing services on the web

59.  eMagazine: start a monthly web publication and eventually charge for membership

60.  Apps: create and monetize a mobile phone app

61.  Admin: perform network administration services remotely

62.  Become a Critic: review a local field on a personal blog and trade the advertising for things like free meals or movie tickets

63.  Provide Research: do the legwork and fact-checking for people

64.  Email Handling: find someone to pay you to sort and respond to emails

65.  Create a Design Template: sell it at sitepoint.com or digitalpoint.com

66.  Illustrate: sell your designs online or to production houses

67.  AV Expertise: sell your audio/visual production services

68.  Voiceovers: offer your voice online for the blind

69.  PowerPoints: create professional PowerPoints for business and students

70.  Site Audit: offer to perform a content and SEO audit of a website in need of updating

71.  Create Link Bait: design Infographics or Top 10 Lists then offer them to relevant businesses

72.  Customer Support: perform job duties online from home

73.  Tech Support: know a lot about computers? Offer 24/7 tech support for a fee

74.  Order Processing: businesses will pay you to perform these tasks

75.  Move Websites: Offer to migrate website files or databases like websitemovers.com

76.  Blog for Fun: blog daily about something you love to build a valuable audience

77.  Multi-Level Marketing: build and SEO a site to garner MLM interest and signups

78.  Install CMS: help people install things like WordPress

79.  Join Pay To Surf Programs: Yes, some companies pay you for this

80.  Telemarketing: all you need is a phone and an Internet connection

81.  The Big Idea: sell a service through your niche website and take a percentage like SendUsOff.com

82.  Sell Keyword Research: learn Google Analytics and crunch some numbers

83.  Recipes: love to cook? Sell your recipes to food websites

84.  Online Newsletter: offer to create, update and run a company’s monthly newsletter

85.  Get Online: if you’ve got a brick-and-mortar company, it’s time to get rolling on an online component

86.  Invest: research and trade stocks online day to day for quick returns

87.  Personal Shopper: online shop for people for a fee

88.  Job Counseling: help searchers find jobs in a specific field

89.  Be the Middleman: if you’ve got the inroads, connect buyers to sellers (think linkedin.com)

90.  Sweepstakes: the law of averages says if you enter tons of online contents, you’ll eventually win

91.  Wake-up Call: offer to email or call in reminders to people like a personal secretary

92.  Build a Database: fill it with useful info and sell it at odditysoftware.com

93.  How-To Videos: educate people (think: dog training, baking, make-up application) through videos you lace with paid ads

94.  Swap: use networking or classified sites to barter and trade goods

95.  Shop for Cash: utilize online promotions to score gift cards and cash discounts when you shop

96.  Link Broker: become a link dealer for SEO and webhosting companies to use

97.  Sell Domains: offer to help manage the resale of unused websites for a commission

98.  Map Sites: Update map information regularly in exchange for credits that can be used as cash

99.  Summarize: read books and watch movies then summarize for sites like SparkNotes.com

100. Travel: offer to be a paid online travel reviewer for sites like Frommer’s or Lonely Planet

101. Media Monitoring: have companies pay you to monitor their online media mentions

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